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Welcome to my Homepage! I am a member of the Biology-Health-Environmental faculty here at DeAnza College.


I have been a Biology faculty member at DeAnza College for 34 years and I have enjoyed every day I've been here. I have had a chance to create and teach a variety of classes including: human ecology, natural history & ecology of California, Death Valley nature studies for 13 years, Mexico's Baja California, Sierra Nevada camps at Tuolumne Meadows, marine life along the coast, floating the Grand Canyon three times with students, and 10 class trips to the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. Many of these classes and trips with students involved spending 1-2 weeks exploring the plants, animals, human history, and geology during in-depth studies.

I teach a wide variety of classes including: Introductory Biology, Marine Biology, Calif. Ecology, Coastal Redwoods, and online Coastal Redwoods and Introductory Biology. I teach Marine Biology in the Winter and Summer quarters, Calif. Ecology and Coastal Redwoods is taught in the Spring quarter, and I teach online Introductory Biology in the Fall,Winter,& Spring. Select any of the links in the left column for more information on any of the courses I teach. Below you will find information you may use to contact me.


BIOLOGY 10: INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY An introductory classes that covers the topics of scientific method, cell structure and functions, chemistry, genetics, and ecological principles.

BIOLOGY 13: MARINE BIOLOGY This class covers the biotic and abiotic factors in the ocean with emphasis on the plants, invertebrate animals, reptiles,fish, birds, and mammals in the Pacific Ocean. Many field trips.

BIOLOGY 15: CALIFORNIA ECOLOGY. A survey of habitats,kingdoms, plant and animal adaptations, symbiosis, evolutionary strategies. Many field trips.

BIOLOGY 99B: COASTAL REDWOODS. A historical, ecological, botanical, biogeographical, economical & cultural survey of the Coastal Redwoods and people.

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Contact Info:

Office location: S51a
Hours: T, Th 3:30-4:10
Phone: 408-864-8654 FAX PHONE:408-864-8245 or 5546

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