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Voicemail:  (408) 864-8999 x3529   (E-mail is the best way to get a hold of me because I only check voice mail once a week or less.)




Music 1D, Introduction to Music, From Rock to Rap: 

This course is an introduction to music through rock music, tracing its beginnings in the early 1950s to the present. Various rock styles will be related to the historical trends and events of the time period being studied; listening techniques; use of fundamental concepts including form, style, musical media, and textures; acquaintance with and comparison of musical examples from various styles.

Please note, I will not be teaching this course during 2012-2013 school year or summer 2013.


Music 1A, Introduction to Music:  Introduction to Music is designed to provide students with the listening and analytical skill fundamental to the understanding of music in the modern western culture as well as some non-western cultures.  This course covers the basic elements of sound, the basic elements and characteristics of the music studied (specific to each era) , the important forms and styles (specific to each era) as well as the important composers from each of the major periods of music history. 

Music 12-A, Class Piano I:  "Class Piano I" is for students with no previous instruction.  Although "Music Fundamentals" (Music 10A) is recommended, there are no prerequisites for this course.  This class is designed for those who need knowledge of piano for a teaching credential and music majors but may be taken by anyone interested in learning how to play the piano. 

Music 12-B,  Class Piano II:  This class is for students who already have the ability to read music (treble clef and bass clef, pitch notation and rhythm) and have already successful completed music 12-A or the equivalent.  A test will be given on the first day of instruction to assess each students ability. 

Music 12-C,  Class Piano III:  This class is for students who have completed Class Piano II (Music 12-B) or the equivalent at another institution. 

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