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 First Two Weeks 

1.  Try to get on the official Wait List; you will have priority over walk-ins if you arrive on time

2.  Go to the first class meeting on time and stay until class is over

3.  Find out the instructor’s add policy; sometimes a space opens up in the first two weeks

4.  Check the appropriate Division Office for new or open classes

5.  Check with the Counseling department for open classes. (Admin Bldg) 408-864-5400

6.  Check Distance Learning for open classes: (LCW102) 408-864-8969

7.      Check open class lists in Admissions and Records


After the first two weeks:

1.  Work on your writing—

  • take a self-paced writing, spelling, or grammar class in the Tutorial/Skills Center (L47)


  • take a CAOS self-paced course (ATC 203) 408-864-8390
  • write an essay on the challenges facing college students today and submit it to the De Anza
    sponsored website for editorial consultation:

  • check out the following websites for exercises and quizzes:

  • after doing all the above, retake the Placement test to see if you place in a different class

2.  Work on your reading—

  • take a self-paced reading or vocabulary class in the Tutorial/Skills Center (L47) 408-864-8253
  • read the campus newspaper La Voz
  • consult with the reference librarians at De Anza to find journals that feature articles by people
    in the profession you are interested in joining
  • go to the Language Arts Division Office and choose a book from the Reading List for the English
     course you placed in

3.  Work on your student skills—

  • take a Skills class (Skil 130X)  through Skills Center (408-864-8253)
  • visit the Speaking and Listening lab in ATC 304
  • take a College Success course (COUNS 57, HUMA57)
  • take a Library Research class (408-864-8313)
  • use the study skills worksheet at
  • schedule an appointment with a counselor to assess problem areas (408-864-5400)

4.  Work on building community—

  • join a De Anza club (408-864-8692)
  • see if you can get credit for your work experience by contacting the Cooperative Education office at
  • write a letter to the editor at the De Anza student newspaper La Voz about a campus issue or to
    respond to an article you have read in the paper


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