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1.  Review the course

  • Look at all of your returned work
  • Check what you did against what you were assigned to do
  • Look at the assigned homework to see what you did and did not do
  • List what you think you need to work on
  • Make a list of what got in your way
  • Make a list of what you have learned so far
  • Meet with your teacher to compare what you think needs work with your teacherís suggestions

 2.  Get counseling/advising support

·       Meet with your counselor to make sure that you are aware of all the programs here at

      De Anza that can assist you. (Admin Bldg) 408-864-5400

  • Take a stress management course (HUMA 57) or one of the other courses offered by the counseling department (College Success, Life Skills for Higher Education, Career Life Planning, Mind Over Math, Orientation to Financial Aid).   408-864-5400
  • Take a College Success course (COUNS 57, HUMA57).
  • Take a Skills class through Skills Center (SKIL 130X) 408-864-8253
  • Check to see if you may have a learning disability (408-864-8839)
  • Use the study skills worksheet at
  • Remember that many students report that repeating the course made them feel confident and resulted in a higher grade

 3.  Get skills support

    with writingó

  • Take a self-paced writing, spelling, or grammar class in the Tutorial/Skills Center (L4) 408-864-8253
  • Take a CAOS self-paced course (ATC 203) 408-864-8390
  • Get a tutor next quarter
  • Submit your writing to the De Anza sponsored website for editorial consultation:


  • Check out the following websites for exercises and quizzes:

    with ESLó

  • Use Julie Madiganís student-tested/teacher approved websites listed at$8

   with readingó

  • Take a self-paced reading or vocabulary class in the Tutorial/Skills Center (L47) 408-864-8253
  • Take a reading course

 4.  Plan your schedule for next quarter carefully, making sure that you have allowed extra hours for studyó

             at least two hours outside of class for every hour spent in class. Donít take too  many classes. 

5.  Congratulate yourself for not giving up, do something fun, and get ready for more hard work 

6.  Retake the course knowing that your NP will not factor into your GPA once you have passed the course.

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