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Best Practices

Author:   Pamela Sharp  
Posted: 3/26/2003; 5:02:46 PM
Topic: Best Practices
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Jill Quigley,  Julie Sartwell,  Bob Dickerson,  Julie Madigan 

  1. The goal is to complete a binder (that later will be converted to an online resource) full of best practices for instructors to access and use in the classroom.
  2. The binder will include best practices for EWRTs 100A, 100B, 1A, 1B, and 2.
  3. The best practices for these classes will include:
    1. Anthology selections
    2. Novel selections
    3. Readings (essays, poems)
    4. In-class assignments/exercises (films)
    5. Essay assignments
    6. Sample student essays
    7. Peer review session practices
    8. Grammar/sentence level exercises
    9. Websites
    10. English 100B/Read 100 Book list
  4. Each best practice will include a brief explanation/rationale from the contributor.
  5. The purpose for the binder is:
    1. To share successful examples with colleagues
    2. To understand the appropriate level of readings and assignments
  6. Best practice contributions should be submitted the division mailboxes of:
    1. Jill Quigley  (developmental level contributions)
    2. Julie Sartwell (transfer level contributions)

 Other related ideas:

  1. Bringing together English, ESL, Reading, and Speech instructors to discuss best practices
  2. Meetings for instructors teaching a specific level (like the 100A lunchtime group) to discuss best practices

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