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Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine
(national and student editions)

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National Edition

2009 National Edition

The magazine is available at selected bookstores around the country, including Kepler's Bookstore in Menlo Park, California, and St. Mark's Bookshop in the East Village, New York City. You can also order a copy by sending a check for $10, made out to Red Wheelbarrow, to Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine, De Anza College, 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014. Back issues are available at a reduced price.

National 2009 Cover:

The 2009 issue features:

  • interviews with Marilyn Chin and Regie Cabico
  • fiction by Karen Tei Yamashita, Stephanie Dickinson, Loreen Niewenhuis, and others
  • poetry by Ellen Bass, Dorianne Laux, Al Young, Adrienne Rich, Scott Hernandez, Debra Spencer, Stephen Kuusisto, Morton Marcus, Mario Susko, David Sullivan, and many others

National 2009 Contents

2008 National Edition

National 2008 Cover:

The 253-page 2008 issue features:

  • an interview with acclaimed poet and novelist Kim Addonizio
  • poems by Kim Addonizio, Lucy Adkins, Rachel de Baere, Ron Bailey, Judy Bebelaar, Elizabeth Kay, Janna Layton, Lyn Lifshin, Marilyn Ringer, David Rogers, Abbey Taylor, David Thornbrugh, Julie Wade, Hilda Weiss, and others
  • fiction by David Jordan, Zachary Redfearne, Garry Craig Powell, Alice Stern, and others
National 2008 Contents

2007 National Edition

National 2007 Cover:

The 276-page 2007 issue features:

  • an interview with the editor and several contributors to Let Me Tell You Where I've Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora
  • poems by Mary Kolesnikova, Lyn Lifshin, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Doug Ramspeck, Anthony Walstorm, and others
  • fiction by Caroline Marwitz, Chad Simpson, Matthew Ira Swaye, and others
  • personal essays by Susan Bauer, Brian Friesen, and others
National 2007 Contents

2006 National Edition

The 230-page 2006 issue features:

  • An interview with writer Tracy Kidder, author of Mountains Beyond Mountains and My Detachment: A Memoir
  • Poetry by Lyn Lifshin, Liza Porter, Marjorie Roberts, Lolita Stewart-White, Ellen Sullins, Mario Susko, Jianqing Zheng, and others
  • Fiction by Terri Brown-Davidson, Sandra Hunter, Garry Craig Powell, Clarissa Romano, Mark Terrill, Mika Yamamoto, and others
  • Essays by Beth Sawi and Constance Studer
National 2006 Contents

2005 National Edition

The 200-page 2005 issue features:

  • An interview with Khaled Hosseini, acclaimed author of The Kite Runner
  • Poetry by Mark Brazaitis, Gaylord Brewer, Christopher Buckley, Walter Griffin,  Victor Olivares, and others
  • Fiction by Debra Cumberland, Geoffrey Scott Davis, Seana Graham, and others

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2004 National Edition

National 2004 Contents

2003 National Edition

National 2003 Contents

2002 National Edition

National 2002 Contents

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National Edition
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Kepler's Bookstore

(Menlo Park, CA)

St. Mark's Bookshop

(New York City)


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