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EWRT 1A: Composition and Reading with Tech Writing

This 5 unit course serves as an introduction to academic reading and writing. Close examination of a variety of texts (personal, popular, literary, professional, academic) from culturally diverse traditions. Practice in common rhetorical strategies used in academic writing. Composition of clear, well-organized, and well-developed essays, with varying purposes and differing audiences, from personal to academic.

EWRT-001A with a Technical writing emphasis focuses on resume writing, business communications, and functional and procedural descriptions. Equivalent to TWRT 61 and applies to Technical Writing certificate or AA degree.

To see the syllabus for this course materials, click on the link below:

EWRT 1A w/TWRT Syllabus Winter 2010 Rev

To see the rubrics for this course materials, click on the links below:

EWRT 1A Cover Letter Rubric 6_16_08

EWRT 1A Resume Rubric 2_10

EWRT 1A Persuasive Essay Rubric 2_10

EWRT 1A Instructions Rubric

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