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Introduction to Psychology Summer 2006


General Psychology 1

Summer 06
Instructor: Charles B. Ramskov Phd.
De-Anza College
T-TH 12:30-2:50-pm For. 4
Office F21a

I. Catalog Description


Psychology 1, General Psychology
Prerequisites: None
Parallel: Psychology 1, University of California
Four hours lecture

Factors influencing human behavior including: motivation, emotion, development, conflict, attention, perception, learning, intelligence, adjustment, personality, and psychotherapy.


1. Exploring Psychology (6th edition)D.G. Meyers
Study Guide to accompany text (recommended)


II. Major Course Objectives


A. Recognize the significant features of psychological theories of motivation, perception, learning and personality.
B. Recognize the names and accomplishments of important psychologists.
C. Recognize the vocabulary of psychology.
D. Evaluate the basic methodology of psychological studies.
E. Identify genetic, physiological, environmental, and cultural factors that shape human behavior.

III. Course Content

Welcome to Introductory Psychology! This course is a survey of the entire field of psychology; consequently, breadth rather than depth of coverage is emphasized. I will try to make class as interesting and varied as possible. Text material will be supplemented by a variety of films, slides, demonstrations and discussions.

IV. Course Outcomes


Greater appreciation for the abilities and limitations of the human organism. Increased ability to interpret the multitudes of articles concerned with psychological topics that appear in newspapers and popular periodicals.


V. Attendance


Students who accumulate two absences may be dropped from the class.

VI. Examinations


There will be two midterm tests and a final exam. These examinations will be multiple choice and essay type. Scoring will be on total number of correct answers. All exams require a pencil. The course grade will be determined by the total number of points earned on all exams. Some unannounced quizzes may also be given. In-class discussion and participation is expected. Extra credit may be announced. (experimental participation, video write-ups, psychology news articles) A hand out will be given to explain the details and guidelines. Disruptive student behavior may result in permanent explusion from class (see student handbook). Students must complete final exam to avoid a failing grade. Taking notes and paying attention is expected!!


VII. Cheating

Those discovered to be cheating (unauthorized collaboration etc.) will be given an F grade for the course and may be expelled form the college.


































Text Assignments
July 5-6

Introduction to Psychology

Psychological Research

Biopsychology and Neuroscience
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
July 11-13


Mind and

Consciousness Exam 1
Chapter 3

Chapter 6

Chapters 13, 6
July 18-20

Sensation and Perception

Learning and Behavior
Chapter 5

Chapter 7
July 25-27


Testing and IQ

Exam 2

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapters 5, 7, 8, 9

Chapter 10
Aug. 1-3

Emotion and Stress

Personality Abnormal

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13
August 8-10
Chapter 14

FINAL EXAMINATION August 10, 2005- 12:302:30 p.m.

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