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Teaching is my passion, and De Anza students have been my inspiration since 2001. I teach basic skills writing and transfer composition, in addition to womenís studies and literature courses. And I teach in the Honors and First Year Experience programs. My teaching philosophies come from bell hooks and my mother: love and hard work. Reading is what I think is the key to becoming a successful writer, and after that, revision. I want to teach my students to learn about voice and then use itó-passionately, from the heart. If you can write, then you can change the world.

ELIT/WMST Course Materials:
Women in Lit Course Reader
Their Eyes Were Watching God discussion ques
Confessional Poetry
Harlem Renaissance
Magical Realism
Dirty Realism (aka Kmart Realism) definition
Literary Terms
Critical Terms
Animal Personality Type

EWRT 200 Portfolio Materials
EWRT/READ/LART 200 Portfolio Contents
Diagnostic Paper and Evaluation Rubric
Reflective Response Assignment: Paper #4
Reflective Response: Pre-Writing Strategies
200 Portfolio Scoring Guide

My Contact Information:
Office: F61-J
Phone: 408-864-5564

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