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2012 Spring EWRT 2

light bulb:

"Spring 2012 EWRT 2 Greensheet"
"Spring 2012 EWRT 2 Calendar"
"2012 Ethical Dilemma - Paper #1"
2012 Critical Thinking about Article = Paper #2
"2012 Debates"
2012 Logic
"2012 lots more logic"
"2012 Paper-Worksheet #3"
Sample digital Pillow Books
"Paper #4 - Pillow book"
"2012 Very Last Paper"

Navroop's Blog
Jonathan's Blog
Andy Tran's
Andy Ngo's
Nadine Talaat's

Abby's suggestion: Brandy and Ray J
Thao's suggestion - pardon the language
Kenny's music video suggestion
Sean's (Sewon's) music video
Tram's suggestion
Michael suggests the Beatles
from Tina

Marvin's suggestion

And Clarence likes Tupac, too

Peter's music video

Christina asks "Where is the Love?"

Online resources on My Year of Meats = look at one for Tuesday, June 5

EWRT 2 Spring 2012 links - lyrics, advertisements, and a visit to the state Capitol

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