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Homonyms are words that sound alike and are spelled differently and mean different things. Often, because people spell according to how things sound, they put the wrong form of the word down and don't catch that it's misspelled because they have used the wrong form. It's important to make sure to use the right form in writing because you want people to understand what you're saying and you don't want them to feel that you don't know the right form or don't care what it is. Make sure you are clear about these different forms:

Your shows ownership

You're is the contraction of you are

Write in the correct form of Your / You're in the following blanks:

1. ____________reading homework assignment is due before ____________ essay is finished.

2. ____________going to be 10 points behind if ____________not finished before_____________ next assignment is due.

3. ____________ hoping that the teacher will forget that ____________missing one of the previous assignments and that it won't affect ____________grade.

4. ____________teacher knows that ____________doomed to disappointment.

5. I imagine that ____________weekend will be a little busier than ____________previous one was.

6. Don't be surprised that ____________going to get a quiz on Monday as well as____________ essay being due.

Its shows ownership

It's is the contraction of it is or it has

Write in the correct form of Its / It's in the following blanks:

1. ____________been two weeks since the car has had ____________ tune up.

2. ____________a good car for the most part but it has _____________ small quirks.

3. ____________ one of the first Hondas that was ever made and ____________ hard to find all of ____________ outdated parts.

4. ____________mechanic knows all about ____________ mechanical history.

5. But I know all about ____________ real history. ____________ the first car I ever owned so I quizzed the owner about ____________ past.

6. ____________ broken down on numerous occasions. ____________ a genius at knowing how to tell just when I have a final exam. _________ always breaking down just in time for me to avoid getting to a test I haven't studied for.

Their shows ownership

They're is the contraction of they are

There shows direction or introduces a thought

Write in the correct form of Their/ They're/ There in the following blanks:

1. Television commercials for kids manipulate kids into buying ____________ products even if ____________ isn't any need for the products.

2. ____________a good example of how kids want to have anything _____________ exposed to.

3. My cousins keep bothering ____________ mother all the time because ____________ so excited about the latest toy they have seen on ____________ favorite show.

4. ____________is a Burger King on Saratoga Ave. that advertises Pokeman cards with all ____________ "Happy Meals."

5. My aunt isn't very happy about ____________ advertising ploy. ____________ not only getting the kids addicted to Pokeman. ____________ also getting the kids addicted to junk food, which is the last thing ____________ bodies need.

6. I've been to ____________ house a number of times when the kids are rejecting ____________ healthy dinners and demanding pizza or burgers instead. I feel bad for my aunt when I go ____________ because she's trying to be a good mom. ____________ just too influenced by _________ "friend", the TV.

Too means also or very

To is direction or part of a verb

Two is the number 2

Write in the correct form of Too/ To/ Two in the following blanks:

1. Peers in high school place____________ much emphasis on going ____________ parties and being ____________ cool.

2. ____________ be popular and accepted it's important ____________ wear the right clothes and know the right people _____________ talk ____________.

3. ____________ of the people who made me the most miserable in high school were ____________ insensitive ____________ understand they exposed me ____________ .

4. They didn't know that I wanted____________ date someone who was ____________ nerdy ____________ fit into the crowd I was in.

5. They spent ____________ much time avoiding thinking about feelings ____________ wonder if their best friend had a feeling or ____________.

6. They realized ____________ late that putting other people in categories, put them in a category ____________. I realized that I had ___________ hang out with the nerds or I would be known as one of the losers ____________ .

Other homonyms or near homonyms that cause problems for people:









A good website for practice with these and other homonym errors:

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