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Spring 2014 for Kim Palmore's class:


Fall 2015:

ELIT 12: Introduction to Dramatic Literature

for a past example, see
Fall 2014 ELIT 12 Greensheet

  Digital Versions for ELIT 12
 Resources for ELIT 12

Winter 2016

ELIT 17: 2016 Introduction to Shakespeare,
Renaissance England - Videos,
Throne of Blood Questions

and a composition class

For examples of previous classes, see

Fall 2014 ELIT 46A,
Fall 2014 ELIT 46A Greensheet 
Fall 2014 ELIT 46A Calendar,
Close Reading Assignment Sheet,
Resources for ELIT 46A, Pre-Renaissance Links and Materials

Fall 2011 EWRT 2 , Your Blogs and Website
Online resources on My Year of Meats, Class Presentation Connected to My Year of Meats
2014 Fall EWRT 1B Greensheet, Paper #4 = Blog , Resources for EWRT 1B - Fall 2014

2012 Spring EWRT 1A,  Paper #3 - Winter 2011
EWRT 211, Paper #2 - Review of Literature 

Resources for All Students Any Time

Open Yale lectures on Theory and Literature

De Anza Library
Other Resources
Online Literary Magazine -- Students encouraged to submit!

Resources for TEACHERS,


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