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Welcome to the home page of De Anza College's American Indian Studies Dept. I retired at the end of Spring 2013. There are 2 part-time faculty members teaching in this department, Meg Kensler, Cheyenne River Sioux and Leslie Berry, Wampanoag and Cherokee. I returned Winter 2014 to teach part-time. My name is Gerri Parker and I am of Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw and German American (Pennsylvanian Dutch) descent. The Cherokee, Chickasaw and Choctaw tribal nations are originally from the Southeast, but tribal members were physically rounded up at gunpoint by U.S. soldiers, held as prisoners in animal corrals with no shelter, medical care and little food and forced to migrate from their traditional homelands Indian Territory.

I am married to a Choctaw (for 40 years) and together we have 3 grown children(Daniel, Cheryl and Silas III), and 5 grandchildren: 4 grandsons(Stormy, Greysen, Rhys, Kai) and 1 granddaughter (Kayla). I have taught at De Anza since 1983. For 10 years I was a part- time instructor and was hired as full time tenured faculty in 1993. I retired at the end of Spring 2013. I have also taught at the University of Santa Clara, San Jose City College, Ohlone College, Evergreen College and guest lectured at San Jose State University and Stanford University. I was a Native Studies curriculum developer and trainer for local and national Indian Education Programs and the Office of Indian Education. I've conducted a substantial number of teacher training workshops in the Bay Area and nationally concerning American Indian students, their learning needs, native cultures, art, history and Thanksgiving myths. I developed resource materials for K-8 State approved Literature and Social Studies textbook.   I ran the Tutorial Center at the San Jose Indian Center, the Adult Ed/G.E.D. Program and worked as the Vocational Counselor at the Indian Center, placing adults in vocational training programs. I was employed for a number of years as a teacher, curriculum developer and workshop trainer. I started my teaching career at Westpoint Elementary School in Calaveras County in 1975, volunteered and then worked for Fremont Unified School District in Fremont CA and Livermore Unified School District Indian Education and Bilingual Indian Education Programs.

I did my undergraduate work in Anthropology with an emphasis in California Indian prehistoric archaeology. It was not acceptable to be an American Indian and a working archaeologist, especially one excavating sites with American Indian burials in the late '60s and early '70s when I was in school at CSU Hayward (now CSU East Bay). After graduating I worked one summer professionally as an archeologist running the analysis laboratory, on a site disrupted by the building of Interstate 5 near Manteca. I made the decision to leave the field of archaeology and applied to CSU Hayward's(East Bay) new Teacher Corps Program. A partnership with the Berkeley Public School District enabled the Interns of this partnership to teach in the the Berkeley schools. We also pioneered the Master's Degree in Multicultural Curriculum Developmen.  I left at the end of the 2 year program with California Single and Multiple Subject California teaching credentials. I also hold 2 lifetime California Community College Teaching credentials in Ethnic Studies and Basic Skills. At De Anza in addition to teaching American Indian Studies courses I also taught other Intercultural Studies courses:
ICS 2 Cross-cultural Perspectives for a Multicultural Society
ICS 4 Race, Ethnicity and Social Stratification
ICS 9 Exploring Race and Ethnicity: Theories and Methods
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The American Indian Studies (A.I.S.) Department is part of the Intercultural-International Studies Division. Degree opportunities in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in American Indian Studies is an option. Students enrolled in A.I.S. Dept. courses serve as volunteers to the American Indian community's activities and organizations.
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