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Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your GPA is a measure of your success at De Anza. Your academic goal will determine how high of a GPA you will want to earn:

  • To earn an Associate degree, a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.

  • To be eligible for transfer to a CSU, the minimum required GPA is 2.0 (2.4 for International students).

  • UCs require a minimum GPA of 2.4 (2.8 for International students). But in reality, for certain majors at both CSUs and UCs, you may need a much higher GPA to be competitive for admission.

How to calculate your GPA:

  • Courses are given a letter grade or non-letter grades such as  P/NP (Pass/No Pass), W for Withdrawal, and I for Incomplete

  • Non-letter grades do not influence the GPA

  • Letter grades are given the following point values:


Note the absence of a C- grade and the fact that an A+, though available, has the same 4.0 grade point multiplier as the A grade.
  • Each course has a specific unit value. For example, most GE classes at De Anza are four units, most math and science classes are five units, while many PE and CAOS classes range from .5 to 3 units. To obtain your GPA, divide the total grade points by the total letter grade units.

Overall GPA     =     Total Grade Points
                             Total Letter Grade Units

Example: Lets look at an example to see how this works. A student has taken the following courses and earned the corresponding grades:

Course                              Units      Grade         Grade Points

HUMA 10                  4.0      B+          4 x 3.3 = 13.2

PE 21A                     0.5       C           .5 x 2 =     1.0

MATH 112                 5.0      A-           5 x 3.7 = 18.5

POLI 1                      4.0       P

PSYC 1                     4.0      W             

                               9.5 grade units                    32.7 grade points

32.7 = 3.44 GPA


  • In the above example, POLI 1 and PSYC 1 are not calculated into the GPA because they are not letter graded.
  • You can access your unofficial transcripts through your 'My De Anza' account.
  • A student who drops or is dropped from a course during the first three weeks of the quarter will be considered the same as never attending. No notation is placed on the official academic record.

  • Students should be careful which classes they take for a P/NP grade. Students planning to transfer should always take their major courses for a letter grade. Math and English should be taken for a letter grade also. Students planning on transferring to a CSU must take their oral communication and critical thinking classes (as well as English and math) for a letter grade.

  • No more than 21 units should be taken for P/NP for students planning to transfer to a UC.

  • Students who take GE courses for P/NP must have their GE certified before transfer. This ensures the transfer school will accept the courses taken at De Anza. GE certification is usually done towards the end of the student's last quarter at De Anza before transferring. GE Certification Request forms are available at the Forms Table in the main lobby of the Administrative Building. The student indicates which GE pattern they followed (CSU or IGETC) and which school they want the certification to be sent to. After completing the GE Certification Request form, the student turns the form into Admissions and Records.The Evaluations office will then process the form within 10 business days and then send your certification to the transfer school indicated on the form.
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