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Each term the Music Department features a variety of concerts, including the De Anza Symphonic Winds, The De Anza Chamber Orchestra, The De Anza Chorale, The De Anza Vintage Singers, Jazz bands and combos, and students in the guitar, piano, voice classes. Watch here for updated information.


DuoPianists200W: Two De Anza College pianists in recital

De Anza College is the second California community college to be named an "All-Steinway Institution." Faculty and students can teach, learn, and perform on the instruments used by 95% of internationally renowned performing artists.

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DeAnzaOrchestraPlayersBow: De Anza Chamber Orchestra musicians.

The De Anza Music Department offers courses for everyone from beginners to music majors. You can take day, evening, and online sections of courses that fulfill degree and transfer general education requirements.

  • Take comprehensive musicianship (sometimes known as music theory and musicianship) as the core of the lower division college degree program.
  • Join a vocal, instrumental, or jazz performing group.
  • Take a beginning instrument or voice class.
  • Learn to read music and more in music fundamentals class.
  • Discover Electronic Music.

Invitation to All De Anza Students

Perhaps you played in orchestra or band back in high school or middle school. Maybe you sang in choir or we in the jazz ensemble. Perhaps you are a guitar player. Possibly you have always wanted to learn to play piano, sing, be a guitarist, read music, make music on your computer.

We have classes for you!

Most of the students taking De Anza College music classes are not "music majors." (We do have plenty of classes for the majors, too.) They are students like you who want to make music an ongoing part of their lives. We invite you to join us and enroll in our classes and perform in our ensembles and become part of the De Anza College music community!

Music Department Classes for Spring 2015

(Please see the current schedule of classes at the De Anza College web site for the most current information.)

Introduction to Music

Music 1 series classes fulfill "humanities and arts" general education (GE) requirements and some music transfer and certificate requirements:

  • Music 1A - Introduction to Music: Music in Western Cultures
  • Music 1B - Introduction to Music: Jazz Styles
  • Music 1D - Introduction to Music: Rock

Performing Ensembles

Join one of our ensembles - they are open to all De Anza students!

  • Music 20: De Anza Chorale
  • Music 21: Vintage Singers
  • Music 31: Chamber Orchestra
  • Music 34 Jazz Ensemble
  • Music 42: Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • Music 45: Jazz Combos
  • Music 48BAC: Jazz Improvisation I, II, III

Instrumental/Vocal classes

Class sequences start at the beginner level, so you can learn to play an instrument or sing.

Comprehensive Musicianship Music Fundamentals

Comprehensive Musicianship (which you may know as "music theory") is the core two-year music major sequence preparing students to transfer into a music major at the junior level. Each one year sequence (Music 3ABC and Music 4ABC begins in the fall term and continues through the winter and spring terms.

Music Fundamentals is an introductory level course for students looking for basic skills in related areas and/or preparing to enroll in Comprehensive Musicianship.

  • Music 10A - Music Fundamentals
  • Music 3ABC - Comprehensive Musicianship I
  • Music 4ABC - Comprehensive Musicianship II

Electronic Music

An introductory class (Music 51) is offered every quarter for students who want to learn about using various technologies to produce music. An intermediate class (Music 8) is offered during the winter and spring term. (During spring 2014, students who cannot get into the MW Intro class should consider direct enrollment into Music 8.) See the Electronic Music website for more information.

  • Music 51 - Introduction to Electronic Music
  • Music 8 - Intermediate Electronic Music

Performing Groups

Do you wish you could play in the band or orchestra or sing in the choir? At De Anza College you can! Vocal, instrumental, and jazz performing groups are open to all De Anza students. Instrumental groups include a wind ensemble and chamber orchestra and guitar ensemble. There are choral groups for students of all levels and interests. The department has excellent vocal and instrumental jazz groups. Find out more on the Performing Groups page.

Concerts and Events

Music Department performing groups present public concerts each quarter. Student recitals and ensemble performances are featured during the final weeks of each quarter. Consult the Concerts and Events page for current information, and check the events page at the De Anza College web site. A list of department end-of-term concerts is available here.

Music Faculty

The Music Department Faculty includes teachers with broad experience in classical, jazz and popular music; voice, piano, guitar, brass, woodwinds and strings; electronic music; and composition and music theory. Many are active professional performers.

Performing groups and classes are open to all De Anza College students!

Performing Groups

De Anza Chorale
Vintage Singers
Jazz Vocal Groups
Chamber/Symphony Orchestra
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble

GE Music Classes

Introduction to Music classes (Music 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E) fulfill many transfer and certificate requirements for general education students, can apply to completion of the Music AA degree, and provide a general introduction to the art of music.


Comprehensive Musicianship
Music Fundamentals

Beginning Music Classes

Other instruments

Electronic Music

Intro to Electronic Music
Intermediate Electronic Music
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