Concert Report Assignment


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Since few, if any, of you have ever written a paper about a concert of live music, it is critical that you carefully review the guidelines for this assignment before you attend your concert and again as you work on the paper. Be sure to ask if you have any questions about the assignment: format, acceptable concerts, editing concerns, and so on.

In order to successfully complete this assignment you must familiarize yourself with all of the following material before you attend your concert, and you will want to review at least parts of it while you work on the report and again before submitting the assignment.

Assignment Deadline - Consult the course calendar (link in the sidebar) for concert report due dates.

Report Format - An outline of the format you must follow for this assignment.

Sample Report - An example of a completed concert report, with commentary.

Report Checklist - A list you can use while working on the report and before handing it in to make sure your didn't miss anything.

Report FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions concerning the concert report assignment; contains very important information about the assignment format, expectations, and so on.

Concert Info - Important information about attending concerts for this assignment.

Concert List - The list of concerts that qualify for this assignment. You may attend only the concerts on this list.

You are required to complete one concert report. The deadline is listed in the course calendar, and is generally in about week 6 or 7 - but check the calendar since this is subject to change.

Optional Second Concert Report

You may optionally do a second concert report if you are unsatisfied with the grade you earn on the first report. If you choose to do a second report and submit it by the deadline listed in the course calendar, you will earn the average of your two concert report grades. (If the grade on the optional second report is lower than that on the first required concert you will retain the grade you earned on the first report.)

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