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Who is Anna Miller?
Read about my approach to eating, food, and understanding nutrition!

Special Message to My Students
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For information about healthy menu planning see and

For information about becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD) go to (click "Become an RD"). There's some other great info for the public on this website

To find an RD  for a nutrition consultation go to or

Introduction to Human Nutrition
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  • Green Sheet
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    Nutrition 10
    Contemporary Nutrition

  • Class Description
  • Green Sheet
    Nutrition for Athletic Performance

    Class Description
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  • Health/PE 51
    Health and Fitness

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  • Some of My Favorite, Healthy Recipes

    Health Newsletters

    A Tutorial on How To Evaluate Health Information on the Internet

    Brief demonstration of common portions of food (under 2 minutes)

    YouTube Student video on Food Labels and Servings sizes (~5 minutes)

    Biology 45

    Introduction to Human Nutrition. This 4-unit course is a detailed, scientific look into nutrition with an emphasis on disease prevention and treatment. We examine and evaluate many of the confusing claims made about nutrition in books, magazines, TV and the internet. This course if offered every quarter (including the summer quarter in a condensed 6 weeks). There are 3 midterm exams, a final exam and one major assignment (you analyze and assess your own diet) for this course.

    This summer Biology 45 is being offered as an online course.

    Click here for the Course Syllabus (also known as The Green Sheet) for Summer quarter 2014.  The green sheet is in "PDF"format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. If you don't have this on your computer, it is available for free from the Adobe website.

    Additional course materials will be available on Catalyst to enrolled students.

    Know that the summer quarter is a condensed course -- it takes place in 6 weeks rather than the usual 12. This can be challenging for some students.

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