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ON CAMPUS Meets twice a week, day time (see online course listings for room number). Optional Catalyst website (user friendly navigation)

DISTANCE LEARNING (meets 6 evenings per quarter) (Distance Learning course with on-campus meetings for face to face activities and presentations (see link to left for more about Presentations). Meets 18 hours per quarter, typically every other Thursday (depending on the holiday schedule), 6:30 - 9:20 pm. (For more information click on link to left).

Students need access to a computer, the Web and an individual Email address.

NO TEXTBOOK(for any of these sections). Required readings (incorporating De Anza student examples) will be online, or a print out can be purchased (see below). Buy required Course Packet (CP) (materials to be used in class) at Bookstore (should be on shelves by first day of quarter) Look under both ICS.07 and Spch.07. DL section: CP: $10.00 (estimated cost) On-campus section CP: $14 (estimated cost)

Unit Readings (aka "Reader") are online. Download free Adobe reader ( to read and download files (.pdf format) or purchase a print out for approx. $20.00 (ordering info. will be announced at first meeting. The Unit Readings are NOT available through the Bookstore).

Course Websiteurl and log on info. will be provided on the first day of class (online site is password protected)

THE DISTANCE LEARNING SECTION OF ICS/SPCH 07 IS A GOOD WAY TO GET COMFORTABLE WITH ON-LINE LEARNING We will use a Catalyst (Moodle) course website (password protected - only students registered in the course can access) Website navigation will be demonstrated as needed during class meetings.

You will... personal experiences and perspectives across cultures in online forums (in week-long asynchronous discussions visible to whole class) ...prepare for Tests by taking ungraded online review quizzes. .. prepare for presentation online, by sharing drafts and posting questions and comments in online team folders (outlines for written assignments can be downloaded to your desktop).

(For more information on the DL section, click on the Distance Learning Section link on the left hand navigation bar).

TRYING TO ADD the DL section? During the first week of class, contact the instructor at to request an add code. Then attend the first on-campus meeting (required). _____________________________

ICS 7 / SPCH 7 OVERVIEW Understanding the ways cultural background can influence communication can help you to communicate more appropriately, and effectively, at work, in college and in your daily life.

earthmapsmall: Small map of the earth

TOPICS will include:

- cultural aspects of language use
- reading body language across cultures
- interacting with English language learners
- successful discussions in multicultural groups
- how conflict is expressed and handled in different cultures
- identity groups and how identity is negotiated
- biculturalism
- pressure to maintain one's first culture in second culture contexts
- colonial legacies and intercultural conflicts
- stereotyping in the media
- power, privilege and communication
- prejudice and discrimination
- intercultural communication in business, health care and education contexts

There will be many opportunities to interact one-on-one with students of different cultural backgrounds.


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