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Office F11M, Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 AM
408-864-8999 ex3047

I write for Stanford "What to Read":

Using MLA documentation

Comma Review

Reflective Essay

Student Success Center Focus Groups and Survey Report

Division Meeting--Placement Process

Engaging Students with the De Anza College Community

Using Listservs


EWRT 211
ELIT 12 - Introduction to Dramatic Literature
Introduction to Poetry
Myth Worksheet 1
Myth Worksheet II

Helpful websites
--take advantage of these wonderful resources for De Anza students -- features instruction and interactive quizzes at the sentence, paragraph, and essay levels, offering help with pronouns, subject-verb agreement, or comma splices at the sentence level, using examples at the paragraph level, or thesis sentence effectiveness at the essay level.


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Wallis Leslie is off campus during Spring quarter but teaching "EWRT 1C", and "EWRT 1B" in the summer of 2012.


EWRT 1A Composition and Reading--develops expository writing techniques, college level reading, and analytical thinking.

EWRT1B Reading, Composition, and Research--develops researched expository writing skills.

EWRT1C Literature and Composition--develops skills to analyze and write about literary poetry, drama, and fiction texts.

EWRT2-Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking--develops advanced analytical, critical questioning, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and reading and writing skills.

EWRT 211--developmental Reading and Composition--provides the essential essay construction and reading skills necessary for further college work

Mythology --takes a 6,000 year tour of the human imagination confronting nature, terror, and mystery.
Myth Paper Models
Myth Worksheet 1
Myth Worksheet II
Myth Presentations
Myth/Folklore Scholar Reports

Introduction to Poetry-Introduction to Poetry--explores the ways that art is made out of words.

ELIT 12-Introduction to Dramatic Literature--analyzes and discusses a wide variety of dramatic literature from the Greek classical period through contemporary experimental work.


Writing and Reading Center, ATC309, offers drop-in tutoring and student workshops

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Find out about De Anza's tutorial center.

Contact Info:

Office F11M Wednesday 10:00-11:00 AM Fall 2011
Phone: 408-864-8999 ex3047


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