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ICS 4: Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality

ICS 9: Exploring Race and Ethnicity

ICS 20: Asian American Experiences in History

APALI Youth Leadership Academy

Preparing for Reading Discussions

Local Events and Opportunities

Extra Credit - Campus Events

Reports and Data on Race and Ethnicity

Recently Published Reports
  1. FACING RACE 2006: CALIFORNIA Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity 2006

Social and Economic Well-Being
  1. Report of the President 1998: Changing America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being By Race and Hispanic Origin
  2. Race, Ethnicity, and Economic Well Being (poverty, food and housing, employment): Race, Ethnicity, and Economic Well-Being
  3. Race and Ethnicity in Rural (Non-Metropolitcan) America (Dept of Agric.):
  4. Census 2000 Special Reports:
  5. U.S. Census Bureau Minority Links
  6. Santa Clara County's Children and Youth: Key Indicators of Well-Being

  1. Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
  2. Race, Ethnicity, HIV/AIDS in the U.S.:
  3. Latinos and HIV/AIDS 2005 Update:
  4. African Americans and HIV/AIDS 2005 Update:
  5. Race, Ethnicity, and Health Care: Race, Ethnicity, and Health Care: The Basics: Key Data
  6. Race, Ethnicity, and Medical Care: Key Facts: Race, Ethnicity & Medical Care - Kaiser Family Foundation
  7. Race, Ethnicity, and Health (insurance coverage and health status):  Race, Ethnicity, and Health
  8. A National Profile of Women and Health Care:
  9. Minority Health Issues:

  1. American Bar Association Data on Lawyers and Judges:

Current Events in the News
  1. Hurricane Katrina, Race and Class: An Income Gap in Two Counties Hit by Hurricane Katrina
  2. News Media and Hurrican Katrina:

  1. The U.S. Political System, Race, Ethnicity, and Neighborhood: The Color of Money -- Campaign Contributions, Race, Ethnicity, and ...
  2. Report Card on Racial Equity in CA Legislature:

Housing, Residence, and Neighborhoods
  1. Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Residential Segregation in San Fran. Bay Area:


  1. Education, Gender, and Race: Postsecondary Participation Rates by Sex and Race/Ethnicity: 1974-2003
  2. ACE Annual Status Report on Minorites in Higher Education:;ContentID=3701
  3. Race and Educational Attainment in CA:
  4. National Statistics on Education and Equity Issues:
  5. High School Dropouts and Recency in Migration: pv('','12', 525)

Poverty, Income, Wealth
  1. Race and Poverty in CA:

  1. U.S. Media, Athletics, and Race: Portrayal of Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in Televised ...
  2. Media Portrayals of Ethnics and Visible Minorities:
  3. Diversity in Media Industry Jobs:

Crime and Violence

  1. Child Abuse Reports by Race: Child Abuse Reports, by Race/Ethnicity: 1998 - 2003 -
  2. Race, Class, Ethnicity and Adolescent Violence (Colorado):
  3. Youth and Adult Crimes in California in Last 20 Years:
  4. California Crime Statistics:
  5. Hate Crimes in California


  1. Distribution of Environmental Risks and Burdens by Race: Environmental Justice Report Descriptions

Criminal Justice
  1. The Dealth Penaly and Race in California:
  2. CA Hate Crimes 2000:
  3. Racial Disparities in the American Criminal Justice System:
  4. Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System (The Sentencing Project):
  5. Prison Statistics, Race and Ethnicity
  6. Crime, Law Enforcement in Metropolitan Chicago:
  7. Racial Profiling <script>pv('','4', 525) </script>

  1. Middle Eastern Population in CA
  2. CA Counties Census 1980, 1990, 2000:
  3. Asians in CA 1990-2000:
  4. Largest American Indian Populations in CA--Family and Household Data:
  5. Citizenship and Laguage Use in CA
  6. Latinos in Central Valley--Family and Household Data
  7. The Two or More Races Population in CA:

Bibliographies or Resource Lists
  1. The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  2. Literature on Race, Ethnicity, and Multiculturalism
  3. Education:
  4. Affirmative Action and Percentage Plans:

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