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Welcome to Mandarin classes at De Anza College! I am Frances Lai, instructor of elementary and intermediate Mandarin. I have been teaching at De Anza since 2001. I will be teaching Mandarin 2 and Mandarin 4 this winter quarter, 2007. Information about these courses can be found under "Courses" in the left column.

Contact Info
Office hours this quarter
Thursday, 10:30 am-11:20 at Learning Center (at Discussion Room in the Library on campus)

To my surprise, Xinjiang, China is not all desert. This is Sand Lake near Kashgar.
Sand Lake in Xinjiang, China:

Mandarin Learning Resources
  • Wikipedia has an award-winning (Oct. 2005)"textbook" for learning Chinese. The site has lessons and appendices.
  • A free podcast (mp3 download) of a 20 minute conversation lesson is available each day (you can subscribe in iTunes). Lots of levels: newbie, beginner, intermediate, advanced, popular words. Content is fresh and interesting, covering subjects such as inviting someone to a meal, buying a car, and inquiring about living conditions in different parts of China. Signing up for premium ($) gets you dialogue transcripts and review exercises.
  • A guide to different forms of Hanyu romanization, including rules, articles of interest (re: usages in Taiwan and Mainland China), and other related readings
  • An active forum of learners (many in Taiwan and China).

  • Dictionary, Information about Chinese characters and culture. Useful for searching by radical for a Chinese word that you do not recognize.
  • A fairly comprehensive dictionary, which accepts pinyin. Just type in the English word "good" or the number "three" and see what varied results you get!
  • A translation website. Good for phrases and words, but sentence structure and grammar gets lost in translation.
  • This is another one my daughter likes. It's traditional-character based.

  • Eating China is about the food of China and Taiwan. Here you will find a (slowly) growing collection of info based on Stephen Jack's reading and experiences, mainly in Taiwan, and occasionally in China.

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