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Welcome to MaryAnne's Place

Permanent link to archive for 3/7/02. March 7, 2002

Welcome to my De Anza College website!

I am an ESL instructor who retired in 2013. I currently teach one class at De Anza every spring and volunteer in the LSC. Look for updates on the class I will be teaching S15 (ESL 251). In the meantime, enjoy all the resources that are available to you at De Anza to make friends and improve your communication skills. Check out the Listening and Speaking Center and the other programs offered by the Student Success Center linked below.

The Listening & Speaking Center is just one of many programs in The Student Success Center designed to support your language learning experiences at De Anza College. You can sign up online for tutoring and workshops, join partnership programs like the Language Exchange and CCP, and use a variety of language learning software installed on the computers. You don't have to be enrolled in an English or a Speech class to take advantage of their services. Please stop by AT 313 to get a tour of the LSC or call the LSC at 408-864-5385 for more information. To visit the LSC, go to the SSC linked below and click on the Listening and Speaking Center listed on the sidebar.

To link to the SSC, click here:



Listening and Speaking Center (AT 313)
The LSC in the Advanced Technology Center opened in the fall of 2002 for students at De Anza who want to improve their language communication skills. You can tape and evaluate your presentations in small recording rooms, improve your English proficiency by practicing conversation in small groups, use a variety of ESL software, and join the Language Exchange. We also appreciate the dedicated SSC and Speech tutors who help students prepare their classroom presentations and improve their speaking and vocabulary skills.

The Student Success Center
To find out about the other student support programs offered through The Student Success Center, visit the SSC homepage. The SSC programs, with the exception of Math, Science, and Computer Resources located in S-43, are now located on the third floor of The Advanced Technology Center.

Friends of LSC
Please sign our online petition of support. Any comments you make will be appreciated. When you write your comments, do not use a contraction (e.g., can't) or your message will not appear. Also, remember that you do not need to donate any money to comment. To read other comments, click on "signatures."

Make a Donation
If you would like to show your support for the LSC, go to the FHDA Foundation website and pledge a donation. Click on "other" and type in "Listening and Speaking Center."


Office: I will be holding my office hours in the LSC Spring 2014. Contact me by email if you would like to meet with me.


MaryAnne's cat, Sophie, enjoying a spring afternoon.

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