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Nursing 50

Nursing as a Career

De Anza College Nursing 50-061 "Career Opportunities in Nursing" Summer 2013

Instructor: Catherine Hrycyk, MScN, RN Office: S 91m Office Hours: TBA and by appointment Voice mail: 864-5529

Time: TBA Units: 2 ( Pass / No Pass ) Prerequisites: None

Course Description

This course is a survey of careers in the health care field with emphasis on current nursing education and nursing practice. Nursing 50 is designed to help the student identify strengths and weaknesses affecting the individual's admission into the nursing program. Information about De Anza's Associate Degree in Nursing Program is presented during this course.

Course Objectives The student will: 1. compare and contrast the various careers in the health field with those in nursing. 2. examine the impact of nursing history. 3. contrast the terms "science"; "art"; "academic degree"; "credential/credentialing"; "certificate/certification"; "license/licensing"; and "profession" as each applies to nursing. 4. differentiate among various nursing programs as to length of "primary preparation site" and level of preparation. 5. compare the major nursing organizations as to membership and goals. 6. describe the ANA's "entry into practice resolution" including impact on patient care. 7. analyze the impact of social change and social policy on health care 8. determine, based on employer's expectations, your own opportunities and potential for success in the field of nursing today. 9. identify the appropriate quarter for application to the nursing program.

Text ( May be purchased in De Anza College Bookstore). Catalano, Joseph. Nursing Now! Today's Issues, Tommorow's Trends. F.A. Davis Company, current edition.

Method of Evaluation A. Class participation / preparedness (Attendance) B. Midterm and Final exams

The course is graded on a Pass/ No Pass basis. A student must: a) attain an average of 70% or more on the 2 exams b) meet the attendance requirements. Examinations will be given only as scheduled. You are expected to be in class and ready to start the test at the scheduled time. If you are unable to take a test at the appointed time, you must notify the instructor as soon as possible, before the exam.

Materials needed

1. Note-taking materials 2. Scantron answer sheets and a # 2 pencil for Midterm and Final Exam.

Attendance: Attendance is required for all classes. Any student who misses 3 or more classes will receive a 'No Pass' grade in the course. When an absence must occur, please notify the instructor. If you choose to drop the course, you must complete the official withdrawal process. If you do not follow the official drop process, you will receive a 'No Pass' on your transcript.

Power Point Handouts by Textbook Chapter:

"Accountability and Responsibility" (Essential Attributes of a Professional Nurse)

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