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Journal examples

Journal examples of psychological evaluation

Example 1


Yan He



Psychological evaluation for Jem


I used IPIP-NEO website to test Jemss psychological evaluation. Among one hundred twenty questions, there are three types of questions that help to define Jem's personality. First types of questions, such as "Make friends easily," "Love to help others" and "Am concerned about others", describe what Jem's attitude toward other people is. My answers for them are "Very Accurate." Second type of questions, like "Have a vivid imagination," "Seek adventure," "Handle tasks smoothly," and "Know how to get things done" tell that Jem has capability to do things well. I chose "Very accurate" as my answers also. I put "Get angry easily," and "Become overwhelmed by events" in third type questions that state what Jem's reflection is when environment changes. I think moderately accurate is better answers for them.

The result of my test tells that Jem's personality is very rich. He is a smart and thinking boy. He likes to make friends and help other people and possesses sympathy. When he does something, with learned knowledge he has clear ideas how to complete a project successfully. He is a boy with sense of responsibility. He is a well self disciplined boy, most time he can control himself well enough. But his capacity of bearing outside pressure is not very strong, which may be resulted from his young age, therefore he is easy to lose his temper. Also, he is lack of imagination which is important for creation and he is not liberal in psychology.

Before this test, I thought Jem would be a person who will challenge old convention once he grows up. However, the result shows that his liberalism is low which implies that he is not willing to fight for new ideas even though he does not agree with old rules or old convention. Jem's personality is lack of one vivid color because of his low psychological liberalism. This is what I do not like to see.  


Example 2


Yachun Wang


Nov. 28, 2004


Internet Evaluation for Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird


There are one hundred twenty questions about Atticus that I answered on the web site  My test report includes five aspects. The first aspect is an extraversion. Atticus had high level of friendliness. He is very friendly with people. He is a pleasure to help others and understands people's emotions. He never gets irritated and angry when he was insulted or invective. For example, when Bob Ewell spat on his face, he kept calm instead. The second aspect is an agreeableness. Atticus is high scale on the trust and morality person. He always is fair, honest and candid when dealing with things or people. He never breaks rules, and boast about his virtues. The next aspect is conscientiousness that it is the highest score in self-cultivation, responsible, modest and prudent.  He usually is doing things after thinking and never makes rash decisions. He can face difficult things and insist on his work being completely. The following is aspect of the neuroticism which  was his lowest level. That means he can keeps good balance with a pressure and he has a strong will. The finally aspect is Atticus's openness to experience. Also, he has low scores except in liberalism. He doesn't like excited things and fanciness. He rarely shows his emotions frankly but he easily defies a power or a tradition. I think my test almost conform to Atticus's character.


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