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Bio 6A: Biological Form & Function

Fall 2014 - BIOL-006A - sections 03 & 04
Class Syllabus
Class Schedule 

Lecture Slides

B6A-1: Introduction
B6A-2: Taxonomy & Systematics

B6A-3: Cell Cycles & Life Cycles

B6A-4: Plant Development & Tissues

B6A-5: Transport & Exchange Processes in Vascular Plants
B6A-6: Gas Exchange in Animals
B6A-7: Circulatory Systems

B6A-8.2: Animal Development & Tissues
B6A-8: Homeostasis & Thermoregulation

B6A-9: Feeding & Digestion

B6A-10: Osmoregulation & Excretion
B6A-11: Communication & Coordination of Body Functions

B6A-12: Animal Senses

B6A-13: Muscles & Skeletal Systems

B6A-14: Animal Reproduction

Lab Manual
BIOL-6A Lab Manual - 2014 edition

Lab-Lecture Notes
A. Sci Method
B Cladistics

C. Plants

SE-1: Gas Physics / Physiology

D. Fungi

LxV1 - Vocabulary list for Lab Exam 1
E1. Animalia - pt. 1
E2. Animalia - pt. 2
SE-2: Kidney Quiz

E3. Bugs
G. Chordates
LxV2 - Vocabulary list for Lab Exam 2

SE-3: Sensory-Motor Quiz

Lab Supplements & Resources

* Professor Heyer's Bio Lab Wiki 

Taxonomic Classification & Cladistics - vocabulary & practice exercises

Dissection Guides - Western Kentucky University (WKU):

Christine & Rebecca's Dissection Guides (De Anza):

Virtual Pig Dissection - Whitman College

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