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inactiveTopic Suzanne Helfman's Faculty Homepage topic started 9/4/2002; 10:10:11 AM
last post 1/13/2008; 1:41:38 PM
user dengjongkuch@y... - Re: Suzanne Helfman's Faculty Homepage  blueArrow
5/11/2004; 9:46:48 PM (reads: 21338, responses: 1)

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user parnian - Re: Suzanne Helfman's Faculty Homepage  blueArrow
1/13/2008; 1:41:38 PM (reads: 5080, responses: 0)
    Many people describe me in so many different ways. But what all the people say about me is that I'm a very friendly person and like to always help out people. Many people always told me that I'm very easy to talk to and that I am a very understanding people. I always put people first and myself last.  Many people describe me also as a crazy girl who likes to have fun and try new stuff.  My best friends, Neeka and Natasha, which I have been friends for nine year, tell me that I'm very understanding person and I'm very easy to talk to. I always like to listen to people. I enjoy listening to other and I like to hear about their problems and what they have to say.  When my friends and I go out we always try to make the best out of it. If someone we are with is having a bad day we always try to talk to him or her and try to make them feel better. My friends have always been their for me through thick and thin. They are the ones who I can go to when I'm sad, lonely, or even when I need someone to talk to. They are always giving me good choices and also good advises.
 Everybody has their good and they also do have their ugly sides. Their is only three people that really know who I'm inside and out.  Neeka, Natasha, and my sister are the only ones who know how I get when I get mad or sad. When I get mad I really don't like to listen to what people have to say until I'm calm and ready to talk to. That the main thing that I need to work on, listening to others even when I'm mad or upset. I personally think that when someone is mad they still do have control in what they say. Many people always say stuff to someone they love and they always end up regretting it and they always end up blaming it on their anger.

  Many people think that I was born in the U.S. I was born in Germany on August 27,1989.  I lived in Germany for five years.  When I was five I moved to California. Germany was much and is much different than California. I will never forget how the weather was their and how many floods we had in our apartment. I never liked the weather in Germany. It was always raining and it was always very cold. Also another thing that I didn't like about living in Germany is the people. People in Germany weren't nice people at all. They would always give others the cold shoulder and wouldn't even try to have a conversation with them. I enjoy living in San Jose so much more. I always told my parents that I would never want to move back to Germany again. I wouldn't mind going to visit Germany and seeing my family, but not to live their again. 

Many people have many different fears. Although I have many different greatest fears, my main fear is not being successful in life and also loosing the ones that I love. My main goal in my life is so make my parents happy and also be happy with myself and who I grew up to be.  The reason I have this fear is because I don't want to be known as Parnian who doesn't have a successful life and didn't try in her life. As of right now my goal is to study hard in school and to transfer from De Anza College.


user Rohan - Re: Suzanne Helfman's Faculty Homepage  blueArrow
1/15/2008; 9:02:06 PM (reads: 6396, responses: 0)


 i am Rohan Ghia. This is my second year in De Anza and i am majoring in business administration and minoring in accounting. I was born in India and completed my high school there. I want to get transfer to san jose state. I love challenge's which brings out the best out of me. I like soccer played in india for my high school tried for de anza but didn't got selected which is fine. I like to play guitar i am not that good at it but trying to get better.

I like listining to music too. Well it depends on my mood what kind of music. i like jazz, rock and hindi songs. I am crazy follower of manchester united(English soccer club) and fabio cannavaro is my best player. because he is a defender and i like to play in the defence.



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