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Texts and materials

LART 100 and EWRT 100B Reader and Materials. Chow, Helfman, Hubbard, Sartwell, editors (available for purchase from De Anza Printing Services ).

A good English dictionary

A binder with dividers to keep all papers, notes, handouts, as well as outlines and drafts of essays.

Description and requirements

EWRT 100B is designed to help you develop the abilities necessary for college-level reading and essay writing. As you strengthen your reading and writing skills in this class, you will increase your likelihood of success in all your other classes.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to read and analyze a variety of college-level texts
  • Learn a variety of composing strategies for reading and writing
  • Develop topics and ideas for essays
  • Write and support thesis statements
  • Organize ideas in essays
  • Identify and practice writing for different audiences and purposes
  • Practice a variety of rhetorical strategies to develop a foundation for handling many writing tasks
  • Practice writing as a multi-step process with particular attention to planning and revision
  • Compose organized, developed essays that increase in complexity
  • Proofread for recurrent usage and sentence-level errors

To achieve these goals and objectives you can expect to:

  • Complete 5 essay assignments (includes 2 in-class essays and a final reflective essay)
  • Write several short paragraphs, numerous pre-writing assignments, and various writing skills exercises
  • Read and discuss a number of essays and short articles
  • Join the online class Discussion list
  • Post assignments and respond to classmates' posts on the class discussion list
  • Discuss your work with classmates in peer-review sessions
  • Meet with me for a conference to discuss your work at least once
  • Participate actively in group discussions and presentations
  • Submit a final portfolio of selected assignments and a reflective essay
  • Stay up-to-date on reading and assignments
  • Attend class regularly and on time 
You must also enroll in the EWRT 160 lab, ideally the same quarter you take EWRT 100B. To take EWRT 1A you must successfully complete 100B and 160.


You are required to attend class every day
. If you must miss any class, please call or email to let me know.  Because we will be learning new skills and discussing ideas for your essays each class session, if you miss as many as four classes for any reason, you will have missed too much instruction and I may drop you. You may be dropped from the course on the fourth absence even if that absence is late in the quarter. Students who are dropped after the eighth week will receive a grade of NO PASS.

Arriving late is disruptive. I will count three instances of arriving late or leaving early as an absence. Quizzes, in-class assignments, and peer-review sessions cannot be made up. However, you may makeup one in-class essay if you contact me to make arrangements within 24-hours of the in-class writing day.

If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain any handout or assignment I gave out in class and to come to the next session fully prepared. When you return to class, you may turn in homework that was due the day you missed, but you will receive reduced points for it and I won’t accept it more than one class late. I suggest you exchange phone numbers with a few classmates so you won't miss any assignments.


This is a pass/no pass class.

Your first paper will be an ungraded, Sample Essay. I'll give you feedback on this first essay to let you know some of the areas you'll need to work on this quarter. The next essays will each be worth 25 points and I will let you know if the writing is strong, adequate, or not yet adequate : 100B Essay Evaluation Criteria . If I evaluate one of your take-home essays as not yet adequate, you must revise it and turn it in again before the next essay is due if you’d like me to score it again. (If you miss this deadline, you may still choose to revise take-home essays for the portfolio.) Ideally, you should first meet with me in a conference to discuss your plans for revision.

The final for this class will be a portfolio of your writing which will include

  • one in-class essay,
  • one essay written out of class,
    (at least one of these first two essays must be an analytical essay)
  • and a third essay reflecting on your growth as a writer this quarter.

    Your portfolio will be evaluated by a team of English department readers who will determine if the writing demonstrates that you are ready for EWRT 1A. If two members of the portfolio evaluation team determine you are ready for EWRT 1A, you will receive the grade of PASS for 100B. If two evaluators determine your writing does not yet indicate readiness for EWRT 100B, you will receive a NO PASS grade for EWRT 100B.

  • In order to submit a portfolio for evaluation, you must first satisfactorily complete the other work of this class.

    That will require

  • turning in all the essays and
  • earning at least 75 out of a possible 100 points on the scored essays.
  • In addition, you must achieve a 75% or better on all the other required work: homework, posting online, class participation, peer review, quizzes, other in-class assignments, and participation in the required conference with me.

    Essay format

    Type all take-home essays, double-spaced on one side of the page. Please staple your pages together. Hand in all drafts and related materials stapled or clipped to the final draft.

    Late papers

    Essays should be handed in at the beginning of class on the day they are due. I will, however, accept take-home essays up to a week late if you make an arrangement with me before the due date. The portfolio cannot be submitted late.

    Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

    Any time you use writing or ideas that are not your own in an essay,  you must cite your source. We will be going over how to do this in class, and I'll be happy to answer any questions about the hows and whys. Using others' words or ideas in part or whole without acknowledgment is plagiarism, will certainly result in a failing essay and could result in failing the course. And, while it's always fine to seek help with your writing in the
    Writing and Reading Center  or from me, it is not acceptable to have anyone else correct your errors for you. If you receive a NO PASS  on an essay due to plagiarism, you will not be able to rewrite it. Repeated plagiarism will result in failing the course. I take these issues very seriously and fully expect that you will not copy other people's work and pretend it is your own, have someone else write your essays for you, nor will you have someone else correct your writing errors for you. If you feel stuck, or need help at anytime, please come talk to me.

  • Postcard2:

    Writing is a time consuming, often confusing, messy process. Please let me know anytime you have a problem or a question about our work, or want to discuss ideas for one of your essays. Feel free to stop by during my office hours or make an appointment for a time that works better for you. I look forward to working with you this quarter.

    Contact Information:

    Office: F31G (Building F3 near Parking Lot B: Campus map)

    Phone: 408/864-8201



    Office Hours: 

  • For counseling questions, please email or call Renee McGinley, Academic Advisor, for an appointment: - 864-5856

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    Revision Guidelines 100B

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