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De Anza College | Faculty Directory Instructions

If you want to download your own copy of instructions, click here for a Microsoft Word file.
Otherwise, below are the same instructions.


    1. Go to
    2. In the upper right corner, click on “New Users.”
    3. Click on the drop-down menu and select “student.”
    4. Enter the Turnitin class ID: 1663550.
    5. Enter the Turnitin class password: ewrt2 (make sure you do NOT use caps)
    6. Enter your email address. This is your username.
    7. Enter your own personal password that you want to use. Type it again to confirm it.
    8. Select a secret question (in case you forget your password). Type in the answer to the question.
    9. Enter your first and your last name.
    10. Click on the “I agree” link.
    11. Click on “end wizard and log in” at the bottom center of the screen.


    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click on EWRT2.
    3. Next to “Paper #1 9:30” (or the appropriate paper and class time) click on the paper icon under “submit.”
    4. Enter a title of your paper. (It doesn’t need to be your entire title.)
    5. Click on “Browse.”
    6. Find your paper on your computer. Click on the file.
    7. Click “submit” in the upper-right corner of the box.
    8. Doublecheck it is the right paper then click on “yes, submit” at the top of the box.
    9. Make sure that you get a paper id (noted in red) to ensure that your paper was successfully submitted.

    You’re done! Thank you.

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