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"For the naive thinker, the important thing is accommodation to this normalized "today." For the critic [critical thinker], the important thing is the continuing transformation of reality, in behalf of the continuing humanization of men." Paulo Freire

Marshall Hattori


A basic goal of EWRT 2 is to help you write well. What this entails is thinking well. Thus, another goal of this course is to improve your thinking skills mostly by encouraging you to think critically about your own ideas, beliefs, and assumptions as they compare with those of different writers and by working on reading skills. �Reading� not only means reading printed material, although that is the primary focus of this course, but also reading social situations, movies, people, advertisements, music, and so forth. A further objective of this course is to enable you to perform research effectively, evaluate data, and present your findings in an academic and professional form. This course also aims to make you more aware of yourselves as readers and writers--to better understand your strengths and weaknesses in these areas--and to give you the tools to continue to improve your skills after this course is over.

Required reading: Everyday, Everywhere: Global Perspectives on Popular Culture
Stuart Hirschberg, Terry Hirschberg, Mc Graw Hill, 2002, 0-7674-1170-6

Requirements: You will be graded on the following requirements:

  • Participation 200 points
  • Three 750-1500 word essays 350 points
  • Visual Argument 100 points
  • Wiki 100 points
  • Quizzes 100 points
  • Final 150 points

TOTAL: 1000 points

933-1000 A 900-933 A- 867-899 B+ 834-866 B 800-833 B- 767-799 C+ 734-766 C 700-733 C- 600-699 D 599 and lower F

Catalyst tracks everything you do online. The program tallies every time you log on, everything you read, and everything you post. You will be required to post at least 2 entries on the discussion board each week. You will also be graded on your participation in group work online if assigned. If you are not able or willing to spend at least 6 hours on a computer every week, then you should not enroll in this online class. In addition, you will be given extra credit for attending office hours.

Formal Essays
All essays will be sent to me in Catalyst. All formal essays must be Microsoft WORD documents. If you don't have Microsoft WORD, then you need to submit essays from a computer that has WORD. You will be submitting .doc documents, not .docx. Save your files as Word '97-2003 documents. All computers on campus have Microsoft WORD. DO NOT SEND ME YOUR ESSAY AS AN ATTACHEMENT IN AN EMAIL. I might not be able to read it, and you might transfer a virus. Essays are measured by word count. Make sure you make your paragraph spacing clear.

You have one chance to turn in your essay. All rewriting will occur before you turn in the essay. I am willing to meet with you before the due date to discuss how you can revise your essay for a better grade. All paper writing meetings will occur in office hours or online chat rooms. Do not expect me to revise an essay you send me in email. Each paper's grade will decline by 20 points for each late date. Each essay will correspond to the readings for each unit.

Cheating and Plagiarism: Plagiarism constitutes taking someone else?s ideas as your own even if you do not use the exact same wording. Anytime you use someone else?s ideas or words, you need to provide the necessary references and citations. Plagiarism includes (but is not limited to) having somebody else write your essays for you or using an essay from any informational source (such as the Internet, a book, a magazine, a newspaper, and so forth). If a student is caught plagiarizing, penalties can range from the student receiving a zero on the assignment to reporting the incident to administration (which may eventually result in a dismissal from the course).

Final Final date will be announced on the calendar. The final will be given in the computer lab. You must be present to take the final. Make sure you bring a picture I.D. No makeups will be given. Final will cover the readings and the material discussed online.

This course will use Catalyst software. Click on link below.
-Click ok.

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