Filing for Graduation

Graduation Application Deadline

  • Applications should be submitted by the first day of the final month of the quarter.
  • Applications for June Graduation must be submitted by June 23 to have your name included in the printed commencement ceremny program.

Spring Graduates

If you plan to graduate this spring, file for your degree by June 23 to participate in the commencement activities at the end of spring quarter.

To meet the deadline, please allow yourself enough time to complete the application process. Follow the steps on the Apply for Degree or Certificate webpage.

If you need assistance with your degree audit or completing your application for graduation, make an appointment with the Counseling and Advising Center. 

Summer Graduates

Students completing their degree requirements in the summer may participate in the June commencement ceremony. If you would like to participate in the commencement ceremony, you must submit your graduation application in person by June 1. Otherwise, you have until Sept. 1 to file for a summer degree.

Printed Commencement Program

June 23 is the deadline to file for graduation to have your name included in the printed commencement ceremony program.

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