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Welcome to W. Michael Gough's Wild, Wild Webpage!

Congratulations, you have entered the first step toward true enlightenment. I am your guide to truth, beauty and the American way. Together we will become worldwide business citizens.

Accounting 1A - Financial Accounting I,
Accounting 1B - Financial Accounting II,
Accounting 1C - Managerial Accounting,
Business 18 - Business Law
Acct/Bus 67 - The Federal Income Tax (Individual with California coverage)
Real Estate 50 Principles of California Real Estate

Accounting 1A, 1B, 1C, Business Law the Tax and Real Estate courses are taught in the traditional format as well as in the distance learning format. Stay tuned for details. The courses are suited for gentlemen, ladies and politicians.

See the DeAnza Website for registration information

Contact Information: Office Location: F51a
Telephone- 408 864-8622

bkstrpic: - Many people don't know this, but this is a picture of the outside of the DeAnza jail where students have to go when they do not do their homework. It is hard labor indeed, splitting rocks, digging holes and being fed nothing but turnips and cauliflower. (It's a vegetarian jail).

A lot of people also are not aware that many criminals started their life of crime by not doing their homework. It is a known fact that Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Jesse James, Martha Stewart and Michael Milken never did their homework. This elite group now includes the two bozos from Enron - Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling... The next thing you know - a life of crime and prison and/or death. It is a bleak outlook to be sure.

By the way, some people have said that I can be prone to exaggeration and that I sometimes tell a tall tale or two (I designed and personally built several of the nation's largest nuclear power plants and was the 9th man on the moon - - - - - or maybe I was mooned 9 times - - - - or maybe I met Reverend Moon on 9/9/99).

Fr Fries: This is a picture of yours truly eating french fries - many years ago when I was a much younger man.

I like french fries.
And donuts.
And beer, I really like beer.
More than once I have offered to teach the Nutrition class at DeAnza.
My offers go unheeded.

I should fully disclose that my daughters tell me I can never have a good hair day because I don't have good hair. My wife reminds me that she married me because she felt sorry for me, and my son won't admit to being related to me around his friends because I dress so poorly.

(Few know as well as I that the latest, best styles can be found at K Mart and Walmart).
Anyway, I was always told that inner beauty is the thing that is important. When I tell my children that they say, "Right, whatever...."

I was voted most likely to succeed in my cub scout troupe - both the guys in the den voted for me
(I paid them each a nickle for their votes - I was a registered republican then - that was in third grade and I was amazing).

It has been rumored that my spelling is somewhat weak,
(Wen I dun't uze mi spill chikker its kindo herd to reed wut I hav ritten)

Go Dons, beat the Owls.
For those of you that missed that last one, the DeAnza mascot is the Don, (short for Donald Duck or maybe Donald Trump) and the Foothill mascot is the Owl. If you go to DeAnza you are supposed to hate Foothill and there is good reason for that.

If you go to Foothill you are probably too dumb to know that you are supposed to hate DeAnza - and that's for no good reason.

I am a firm believer in World Peace and all peoples understanding all peoples - unless of course, you are from Foothill.

Favorite Things: Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens and hunting weasel with a crossbow.

Don't Like: Dog bites, bee stings, Foothill College Owls.

dos equiz: Words to live by: "Stay thirsty my friends."

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