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digital lifeguarding manual

The Red Cross has digital versions of textbooks, including in this example, American Red Cross Lifeguarding.

digital lifeguarding manual webpage: photo of a computer screen showing a cover of a digital textbook

You can download a PDF version to your laptop for free or print the text.

The digital version is at:

At the online lifeguarding manual:

An arrow on the right lets you download a PDF version.

Click on the binoculars symbol at the top of the pages to search for specific words.

The Contents icon gives you a list that you can click on to get to a specific page.

digital lg text index column: photo of a computer screen showing part of a digital text

A thumbnail icon lets you see a snapshot of each page to go to a specific page.

If you click on the rectangle at the top that says COVER (or gives you page numbers) you can jump to specific pages.

digital lg text index: photo of a computer screen showing part of a digital text


I really do not have the time to answer emails with questions about how to use, print or download this online version of the text.

Please get any help you need from a friend / co-worker / librarian.


Click on this link: Lifeguard Training FAQs

for info about the De Anza lifeguard class, including tips for passing the prerequisite swim test, cost and a link to registration steps.

guard tube: a rescue tube

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