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EWRT 211

Office: F-11f    Phone: 864-8540    Email Address:
Office Hours: T-Th 10:30-12:20 A.M. and by appointment

EWRT 211 is designed to help you develop the abilities necessary for college-level reading and essay writing. Emphasis is on writing in response to critical questions about assigned readings.


PREREQUISITE: EWRT 200 and Reading 200 (or Lang Arts 200); or an English Placement test score of 41 or above.


Whole Lotta Reading Goin' On: An EWRT 211 Reader (purchased at the Bookstore and picked up at De Anza Printing Services)
Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
Shapard and Thomas, eds., Sudden Fiction: American Short-Short Stories
Various Handouts
A dictionary and a thesaurus
A folder to keep all papers, notes, handouts, as well as outlines and drafts of essays.


A) Learn to read and analyze a variety of college-level texts.
B) Develop topics and ideas for essays.
C) Write and support thesis statements.
D) Organize ideas in essays.
E) Identify and practice writing for different audiences and purposes.
F) Practice a variety of rhetorical strategies to develop a foundation for handling many writing tasks.
G) Practice writing as a multi-step process with particular attention to planning and revision.
H) Compose organized, developed essays that increase in complexity.
I) Proofread for recurrent usage and sentence-level errors.

To achieve these goals and objectives you can expect to:

A) Complete several essay assignments (including in-class essays and a final reflective essay).
B) Write several short paragraphs, numerous pre-writing assignments, and various writing skills exercises.
C) Read and discuss a number of essays and short articles.
D) Discuss your work with classmates in peer-review sessions.
E) Meet with me in conferences to discuss your work at least twice.
F) Participate actively in group discussions and presentations.
G) Stay up-to-date on reading and assignments.
H) Attend class regularly and on time. *
I) Submit a final portfolio of selected assignments and a reflective essay.


You are required to attend class every day. If you must miss any class, please call or email to let me know. If you miss as many as THREE classes for any reason (excused or unexcused), you will have missed too much instruction and I may drop you. You may be dropped from the course on the THIRD absence even if that absence is late in the quarter. Students who are dropped after the eighth week will receive a grade of NO PASS.

Arriving late is disruptive. I will count excessive tardiness as an absence. Quizzes, in-class assignments, and peer-review sessions cannot be made up. However, you may makeup one in-class essay if you contact me to make arrangements within 24-hours of the in-class writing day.

If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain any handout or assignment I gave out in class and to come to the next session fully prepared. When you return to class, you may turn in homework that was due the day you missed, but you will receive reduced points for it and I won’t accept it more than one class late. Do not call or email me about missed assignments (except as a last resort). I suggest you exchange phone numbers and/or email addresses with a few classmates so you won't miss any assignments.


Again, this is a pass/no pass class.

Your first paper, and all subsequent papers, will be graded as either pass or no pass. I will explain in class and on your individual assignments what constitutes a pass and what constitutes a no-pass. I also will provide you with a handout that should clarify the level of work necessary to pass the class.

You will be required to meet with me in a conference to get feedback on your first essay and at least one other time during the quarter.

If I evaluate one of your take-home essays as not passing, you must revise it and turn it in again before the next essay is due if you’d like me to score it again. (If you miss this deadline, you may still choose to revise take-home essays for the portfolio.) Ideally, you should first meet with me in a conference to discuss your plans for revision.

The final for this class will be a portfolio of your writing which will include one in-class essay, one analytical essay, and a third essay reflecting on your growth as a writer this quarter.
Your portfolio will be evaluated by a team of English department readers who will determine if the writing demonstrates that you are ready for EWRT 1A. If two members of the portfolio evaluation team determine you are ready for EWRT 1A, you will receive the grade of PASS for EWRT 211. If two evaluators determine your writing does not yet indicate readiness for EWRT 211, you will receive a NO PASS grade for EWRT 211.

In order to submit a portfolio for evaluation, you must first satisfactorily complete the other work of this class.
That will require turning in all the essays and receiving a Pass on all the essays (after rewrites). In addition, you must receive a Pass on all the other required work: homework, class participation, peer review, quizzes, other in-class assignments, and participation in required conferences with me. If you'd like to know your class standing at any time during the quarter, please feel free to ask me.


Type all take-home essays, double-spaced on one side of the page. Please staple your pages together. Hand in all drafts and related materials stapled or clipped to the final draft.

Skip lines on all in-class essays so I can write comments on your work.


Essays should be handed in at the beginning of class on the day they are due. I will, however, accept take-home essays up to a week late if you make an arrangement with me before the due date, but you will need an excellent excuse. If you fail to turn in your late essay within one week, you will receive a No-Pass on that essay and will probably be unable to pass the course. Please hand in all your papers on time. Chronic lateness regarding your essays will not be allowed. The portfolio cannot be submitted late.


Any time you use another writer's language (even a single word) or ideas in an essay you must cite your source. We will be going over how to do this in class, and I'll be happy to answer any questions about plagiarism. Let me just say that I want to know what you think about a topic or idea, not what some published writer or friend of yours thinks. The first instance of plagiarism will result in a failing essay. The second will cause you to fail the course.


Last day to drop for a refund: 10/2 (Out-of-state and foreign students-9/25)
Last day to drop with no record of grade: 10/8
Last day to drop with a "W": 11/12


Please let me know anytime you have a problem or any questions about our work. I encourage you to come to my office hours or make an appointment to discuss your essays or work in this class.

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