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Newspaper and Student Media Freelance - Spring 2013
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Online Catalyst-based class

Course Description: Practical experience contributing to the college newspaper/media as a reporter, copy editor, columnist, graphic artist, photographer, or other freelance position. This course may be taken six times for credit. Students contribute pre-approved stories, photographs, graphics, video or other assignments to La Voz for publication in the newspaper or online.


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Tuesdays: 2 to 4 p.m., Thursdays: 2 to 4 p.m., 6 to 9 p.m.; Fridays: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
408-864-8588 (office); 408-864-5626 (La Voz front desk)
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La Voz Web site: Submit assignments through the website. Submit photos by emailing  

THE FINE PRINT: This class is unlike most college courses because:

LA VOZ STAFF IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCING A PUBLIC DOCUMENT, with a print circulation of 2,000+, and many more online readers. No other De Anza class shares its work as often and as publicly as this class does, nor does any other class represent De Anza to the community and the public to the extent that this class does. La Voz is a First Amendment newspaper, which means that all decision-making over the editorial content is in the hands of student editors. That responsibility is a serious and important obligation, not to be taken lightly. 

LA VOZ IS A BUSINESS, with deadlines and responsibilities to its advertisers and its public. This class functions more in the style of a work team than as a typical class. Missed deadlines, irresponsibility or a poor work ethic affects not just the individual, but the rest of the team. Deadlines are important, and excuses, unfortunately, don�t get the paper out. Producing the newspaper requires a group effort of responsible and dependable people. Student staff must work hard at maintaining communication with one another.

STUDENTS MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING: This class is a practical course in producing a newspaper. The deadlines come quickly and before students are taught what they need and want to know. Students are expected to learn as they go, learn on their own, learn from their mistakes, ask lots of questions and be responsible for their own learning. (One of the best ways to learn is to read a daily newspaper with a critical eye, noting writing and graphic styles, format, and section definition.) In other words, this course requires initiative and commitment. Students will need to seek out sources and materials on their own, although the instructor and the student editors will be available for conferencing and consultation.

Catalyst website
Harrower, Inside Reporting. Any edition.
La Voz Handbook (handout)
Associated Press Stylebook
, 2011 or 2012 ed. or online

In this course, students will:

Communicate with one or more editors to obtain assignments.
Produce and contribute appropriate journalistic assignments to the student media.
Improve their journalism skills which may include news writing, headline writing, editing, AP style, photography, design, web and/or social media skills.
·         Improve management and communication skills while working with other staff members

Reporting involves talking to live people and seeking information from varied sources. All sources must be attributed news-style. If you cut-and-paste material from the Internet or copy information from any other source and don't attribute it specifically, that is plagiarism. I may report the incident to the Dean of Student Development and it could appear on your permanent record. The assignment will count against course requirements and cannot be placed in your portfolio.

1. Read the La Voz handbook

2. Use the resources on the Catalyst site to better understand concepts of media reporting and presentation.

3. Complete and submit at least six pre-approved assignments. An assignments generally consists of:
o    A story with named sources
o    A De Anza Voices
o    A series of photos
o    A complex graphic or cartoon
o    A video report
o    A narrated slide-show that includes at least three named sources, at least 10 varied photos, narration and one on-tape actuality
4. Complete reading/quiz assignments in Catalyst as assigned.
5. Submit a Weekly Log of activities, learning and time spent over the quarter. Forms are at the end of the La Voz Handbook or click here: Weekly Log


a) Contributions to weekly newspaper and associated media (80 points)
b) Reading, quizzes and class assignments (10 points)
c) Weekly Log, final assessment (10 points)

A=90-100  B=80-89   C=70-79    D=60-69    F<60

Help with all aspects of journalism is available from the instructor, from La Voz's student employees, Michael Mannina and Sara Gobets and La Voz's lab technician, Walter Alvarado.
Help with many other aspects of life at De Anza is available at Student Health Services, Disability Support Services, Financial Aid and several tutoring centers. To learn more, go to


La Voz deadlines are generally on Sundays. If you cannot get an assignment in on time, contact your editor ASAP.

College closed:  Monday May 27

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