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Final Study Guide #5

Study Questions
Quiz #5
Chapters,10, and 11

Chapter 10 and lecture
Piaget’s Preoperational stage
Symbolic function and conservation tasks: egocentrism, three mountain task, animism, Centration, seriation, reversibility, conservation of liquid, mass and numbers, classification

Language strategies:
parentese, recasting, expanding, labeling, echoing

Rules of language:
phonology,(phonemes) syntax, semantics, pragmatics, fast mapping

Jean Berko Study:
wug, wugs (adding plurals)

Piaget's speech: monologue, collective speech: and socialized speech
Vygotsky private” inner speech”,
Pre-kindergarten guidelines
and TV violence

Chapter 11 and lecture
Erik Erikson’s Initiative vs. guilt

gender styles, roles, stereotypes, gender based language etc..

Parenting styles – Diana Baumrind
Authoritarian parenting
Authoritative parenting
Permissive: indulgent parenting and uninvolved / neglectful

Mildred Parten’s Social levels of play:
unoccupied, solitary, onlooker, parallel, associative, and cooperative

Types of play:
Sensorimotor and practice play
Pretense ( make believe )and symbolic play
Functional play
Sociodramatic play
Constructive play
Games with rules play

The Nature of Play:
Play is intrinsically motivated
Play is process oriented
Play is creative
Play tends to be governed by implicit rules
Play is spontaneous
Play is free from major emotional distress

Self Esteem:
respect for others

May the force be with you Quiz, students: students taking a test
Think positive!

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