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BElieve THEir is GOOD in the world.

The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof. ― Barbara Kingsolver

Nov/Dec 2014


If my online class is full and the wait list is full, you WILL NOT get an add code by emailing me before the quarter starts. Please follow college policies and wait until the first day of the quarter to request an add code. At that time, IF THERE IS SPACE FOR YOU, I will respond to your email and send an add code.

If you are hoping to add, please read my add policies below and please understand that I can not respond to every email that I receive. I will try my best using a fair, clearly explained policy below, but I do not respond to every email I receive.

Spring 2015 Courses


This is a HYBRID course.

The syllabus will be available the first day of the quarter.

Textbook : There is no required textbook. Course materials are online

LING 1/ELIT 25 Introduction to Linguistics

This is an ONLINE course.

The syllabus will be available in Catalyst the first day of the quarter.

ENROLLMENT UPDATE Tuesday 4/7: All add codes have been sent to wait listed students who requested them. This class is now closed, and I will not be adding any more students or responding to requests for add codes.

Textbook: A Concise Introduction to Linguistics, 4/e | ebook version available here

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2015

ELIT 19 The Bible as Literature

GENERAL INFORMATION Thank you for visiting my faculty web page. If you are interested in one of my classes, please email me with questions.

My courses always fill before the first day of classes, so please register early. My online classes especially fill quickly. If you were unable to enroll or get on a waiting list, please do not email me until the quarter starts. All students interested in adding an online class should email me with add requests only on the first day of the quarter when add codes become available. PLEASE DO NOT SEND EMAILS BEFORE THE QUARTER BEGINS because I will not be able to help you until the first day.

ADD POLICIES All students interested in trying to add should read the following:

TO ADD MY ON CAMPUS AND HYBRID COURSES: Students who are on the waiting list should attend the first class meeting. If there are vacancies, I will add from the waiting list. I will consider adds ONLY during the first two class meetings based upon open spaces during the first week. Students who are not on the waiting list should consider enrolling in another available course as space in my classes is very limited.

TO ADD MY ONLINE COURSES: You must email me on Monday of the first week to request an add code. Please let me know if you are on the waiting list as waitlisted students will have priority on Monday only. If you are NOT on the waiting list, I will not be able to add you until Tuesday or Wednesday, AND only if there is space in the class because:

There are currently people officially on the wait list. The courses are already at capacity I must first see who shows up and who from the wait list adds.

Here is how I process adds for online classes once add codes are delivered (first day of quarter):

ON MONDAY: I will only add people from the waiting lists
ON TUESDAY: All enrolled students who have not logged in to Catalyst will be dropped at 8 AM on Tuesday. I will continue to give priority to requests from the wait list, but if I can accommodate those who have already emailed me Monday wanting to add, I will.
ON WEDNESDAY: Any open spaces will be filled from the wait list and from those who have emailed me Monday with add requests.

Getting Started in your Online Course (And keeping your spot)

Be sure to log into CATALYST on the first day of the quarter if you do not want to be dropped. I know you are actively enrolled in the distance learning course only after you log on. All inactive students will be dropped without warning on Tuesday of the first week to accommodate those wishing to add. If you have trouble logging in, please email me for help.

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