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Needs and Confirmations

Proposed Committee Members to be Confirmed June 16, 2008

Please email Academic Senate Vice-President Alex Kramer ( to be considered as a faculty representative for any committee.  N.B. All committee members are expected to collect email from their district email address and use MeetingMaker for meeting times and places.

Proposed hiring committees must be received by 12:00 pm one week before a Senate meeting to be considered for approval.

Hiring Committee for biology position:

Doris Spanggord, Biology faculty
Anna Miller, Biology faculty
Catherine Hrycyk, Nursing faculty
Sherri Cozzens, Nursing faculty
Marge Sainten, classified staff

Tenure Review Committees:

For Iaroslav Kryliouk, mathematics (tenure candidate):

Janice Hector (Department Representative)
David Newton (PSME Division Representative)

For new fall chemistry position (awaiting confirmation):

Gary Fisher (Department Representative)
Millia Ison (Division Representative)

For new fall biology position:

Doris Spanggord, (department)
Judy Cuff-Alverado, (division)

At-large Tenure Review Committee Member:

8 at-large members needed (5 already confirmed):

To confirm today: Marilyn Patton

Instructional Planning and Budget Team faculty representative:

Alex Kramer

Committees Needing Faculty

Academic Integrity and Disruptive Behavior Committee: This committee will work with Michelle LeBleiu-Burns and John Cognetta to develop guidelines regarding academic integrity and disruptive behavior. 3-5 faculty needed.

Tenure Review Committees:
At large committee members needed for 8 new hires. Committee members will need to be trained by the end of Spring quarter.

Professional Development Leave district committee:  One faculty member needed to represent De Anza faculty.  This committee meets more frequently in the fall when PDL proposals are evaluated.  Subsequent meetings are held as needed about once or twice a quarter. For more information contact Leti Wong x8684.

BSI Steering Committee: Two faculty needed to provide input on the BSI steering committee. For more information on the BSI project contact Gregory Anderson or Michelle LeBleu-Burns.

Teaching and Learning Steering Committee:
The goal of this committee is to identify key findings from the faculty surveys and focus group interviews in order to prepare recommendations for strengthening faculty development in the comming years. 2-3 faculty needed to replace faculty who have moved into administrative position s or who might be ending their service on the  Committee. Next meeting is Thurs., June 19, 2:00-4:00pm in the District Board Room.

Faculty Mentoring Committee: Faculty needed to help develop a faculty advising program for students in specific disciplines/programs. Contact Andrew LaManque (x8777) for more information. A first meeting is scheduled for March 11, from 2-3 pm in Adm 109.

Committee for Part-time Faculty Office Space: Two or more faculty (part-time or full-time) needed to discuss ideas for the new part-time faculty office space. More details forthcoming.

The WAITT (We're All In This Together) Senate Subcommittee: The committee of faculty and staff is dedicated to an ongoing campaign to make the college friendly in all ways imaginable and appropriate for members of the college community and especially new and prospective students. For more information contact: Paul Setziol x8512

Open Educational Resources Senate Subcommittee: This committee of faculty meets to discuss ideas regarding open education resources including the sharing of websites and other resources, best strategies to maintain academic integrity, ways to increase viable resources, and so forth. The committee might have a significant opportunity in the future pending legislation that would establish a center for the development of open educational resources and include a potential $3,000,000 grant at Foothill-De Anza. See the following article for more info: . For more information contact: Willie Pritchard x8549

ePortfolios Senate Subcommittee: One or two faculty members to look into the consortium and determine if De Anza wants to participate. See for more information about San Francisco State University's commitment. For more information contact: Wayne Chenoweth x5816

Campus Center Advisory Committee: A campus-wide committee consisting of students, faculty, classified staff, and administrators. This committee meets to discuss policies as they relate to the campus center including food services, conference rooms, and so forth. The committee makes recommendations to College Council. Meeting time: 3rd Monday of each month, 2:30 3:30p.m. For more information contact: Paula Joseph x8758

Environmental Sustainability Subcommittee - Any faculty members wishing to serve. Meeting time: every Tuesday 3:00 - 4:00 pm. Meeting place: KC214
For more information contact: Laura Raffaelli

Catalyst Features Committee - Faculty members from each division need to determine what features should be added to our new learning management system called Catalyst. Meeting time: 1st and 3rd Thursdays 3:00 - 4:30 pm. Meeting place: LCW-26. For more information contact: Wayne Chenoweth

Library Advisory Subcommittee - One faculty member from each division to advise the library in the area of acquisitions and the selection of books to be discarded. For more information contact: Vladimir Logvinenko

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