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Notes - September 29, 2003

De Anza Academic Senate
Approved Notes for the meeting of
September 29th, 2003

Senators and Officers present: Araki, Bennett, Bryant, C. Cole, Cordero, Dolan, Fisher, Goodwin, Guitron, Hertler, Illowsky, Joplin, Kline, Logvinenko, Lopez-Morgan, Mitchell, Schafer-Braun, Setziol, Sheirich, Tavernetti, Weisner, and Winters
Senators and Officers absent: Chang, Druehl, Hearn, Annen
DASB Student Representatives: Tammy Marquez
Classified Senate: Cyndy Dowling
Admistrative Liaison: Christina Espinosa-Pieb
Guests: Judy Miner, Karl Schaffer, Barry Skidmore (La Voz), Damien White (La Voz), Luke Stangle (La Voz)

NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 2:33 p.m., a quorum being present.

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was modified to change the topic of item VI from Senate Budget to IMPAC Update and to add IVb The Positive Benefits of Physical Education and Vb FSA Change Request. There were no notes to approve as this was the first meeting of the academic year.

II. Introductions: All present introduced themselves, including several new Senators.

III. Needs and Confirmations: In addition to the needs previously distributed, faculty for the Vice President for Finance and College Services Search Committee and a counselor for the Professional Relations Committee were sought. Faculty proposed for confirmation were confirmed.

IVa. Senate Scholarship Fund: Illowsky began by reminding the Senators of their responsibility to communicate with those they represent. She then encouraged the Senators to sign up themselves and others in their divisions for a Senate Scholarship payroll deduction. She distributed the appropriate forms. Several Senators signed up on the spot.

IVb. The Positive Benefits of Physical Education: Schafer-Braun presented a prepared speech on the multiple benefits of Physical Education. She began by expressing anger and humiliation stemming from remarks made by the keynote speaker at the District Opening Day event. She then demonstrated the need for exercise and education by listing the maladies that are ameliorated by physical activity and education, including nutrition education. Included in her presentation were the status of physical education in various levels of education and the current nature of pedagogy and content in Physical Education courses.

Va. Senate Issues: Setziol listed a small but high priority sample of Senate issues for the 2003-04 year - the College and District budgets, Accreditation, and +/- Grading. District Program Review and Diversity were added. Judy Miner was then asked to contribute to the discussion. She limited her remarks to the state of the current budget and the probable state of the2004-05 budget and the need for faculty hiring. Given the combination of the two, she mentioned that it is entirely possible we may be both laying off full time faculty and hiring full time faculty in the same year. A question was asked about the potential impact of Proposition 54. The group was told that, generally speaking, the college would be able to continue with its current approach and that the most likely change, given passage of Prop. 54, would be that the gathering of certain kinds of information about new students would not be allowed. [Note: Faculty Ethics was supposed to be mentioned but was not.]

Vb. FSA Change Request: Setziol brought forward a request from the Film/TV Department. The request included the elimination of the “Film” FSA and various changes in the disciplines listed as providing appropriate academic preparation for several courses. Because the item was not on the distributed agenda, action was scheduled for the October 6th meeting. Setziol asked the Senators to be absolutely clear in their understanding of the ramifications of proposed changes to FSAs because several other proposals may be coming this quarter.

VI. IMPAC: Illowsky told the group about the status of Intersegmental Majors Preparation Articulation Curriculum work and plans for the current academic year. Araki told the group about the value of the work from her experience. Interested faculty should see the website VII. District Budget update: Mitchell said that the status of the District budget had been generally covered during the item on Senate Issues.

VIII. Other Stuff for the Good of the Order: It was announced that the approved notes of Senate meetings would only be available through the Senate website.

October 31st , De Anza will host the Cocal-California hearing on the status of contingent labor in public higher education.

Concerns were aired about changes in the hours for Printing Services. Mitchell will follow up and report back to the group.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:22
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