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Notes - May 17, 2004

De Anza Academic Senate
Draft Notes for the meeting of
May 17th, 2004

Senators and Officers present: Clavijo, Cole, Cordero, Dolen, Guitron, Hearn, Illowsky, Joplin, Linthicum, Lopez-Morgan, Mitchell, Mujal, Pierce, Salah, Setziol, Sheirich, Singh, Tipton, and Winters
Senators and Officers absent: Araki, Bryant, Goodwin, Fisher, Kline, Logvinenko, Olsen, Rashall, Tavernetti, and Weisner
DASB Student Representatives: Anthony Choice
Classified Senate:
Administrative Liaison:
Guests: Sarah Gahan, Judy Miner, and Andrew LaManque

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]

The meeting was called to order at 2:35

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The Agenda was approved as distributed. The notes of April 26th were approved as distributed.

II. Needs and Confirmations: In addition to confirming those proposed by previous distribution, Singh and Rich Schroeder were confirmed for service on the Interim Physical Education Division Dean Hiring Committee.

III. Update on College Mission and Goals: Judy Miner and Andrew LaManque distributed a new version of proposed College Mission and Goals statement. Mitchell led off by stimulating a discussion focused on the lack of definite accomplishment by either the institution or its students inherent in the proposed language. It was a sense of the Senate that Mitchell was correct. Hearn created language that appeared to solve the problem as far as the Mission portion was concerned. Setziol and others were concerned that the Goals portion was not reflective of all that the college and others will expect from it. It was suggested that the core competencies taken together could comprise one of several goal statements.

IV. Senate Budget Report: Setziol reported that the balance in the private, dues supported account, was $8,659 and that there were no further encumbrances or anticipated expenses for the remainder of the year. However, he mentioned that, unlike previous years, all or nearly all Fall and Spring Statewide Academic Senate Sessions expenses will need to come from the checkbook account, an increase of as much as $800 or $900 dollars each. Still, he characterized the balance as comfortable.

V. Funding for Senate Institutes: It was MSCU(Setziol/Cordero) to send Mitchell and Illowsky to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' Leadership and Curriculum Institutes, respectively for a total expenditure of $700. During discussion, it was suggested that an additional person might be sent to the Curriculum Institute. The sense of the senate was support for the idea.

VI. Senate Election Update: All slots were filled for staffing the Senate election polling place.

VII. Other Stuff for the Good of the Order:

  • Mitchell announced a mixed bag coming from the May "revise" by the Governor. Equalization and Cost of Living funding was proposed to be increased along with certain categorical program funds. On the other hand, some categorical funds were proposed to be "folded" in the general apportionment base funding and, most ominously, the steep student fee hikes remained in what the Governor proposed.
  • It was announced that, somewhat mysteriously, the college was being asked to cut an additional $673,000 from its proposed budget.
  • Brian Murphy is to be the new President of the college.
  • The FACCC website ( has a section enabling people to register their disapproval of aspects of current state budget proposal with various legislators and the Governor's office.

The meeting was adjourned at 4: 20 p.m.
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